We are part of nature, we are not seperated from it

               Laferme sur Bésorgues is a learning place where we reconsider our relationship with our ecosystem and explore how we can constructively contribute to solutions towards a sustainable future. We act and learn from two basic ideas that we consider to be the roots of the ecological web of life:

First root: Take responsibility for a healthy ecosystem - eco responsibility
Second root: Share your approach and the harvest honestly with others - fair sharing

               We are part of nature and we are not separated from it. This inclusive view brings us health, vitality and allows us to develop together with our ecological environment. This is how we stimulate an ever deeper connection to nature for all people and communities. Our personal well-being is inextricably connect with the well-being of our environment, whether it is our small naturist community or the forest in which we reside.

               From an ecological point of view, we are connected to the greater whole and want to contribute to that greater whole in such a way that abundance arises, by making use of available natural resources and processes. This is the only way to create sustainability and meaning. We respect the intrinsic value of all life around us and within ourselves and choose a lifestyle that suits it. Our inner nature and the outer nature are one, as within, so without.

               We believe that a culture change cannot be achieved based on guilt, pessimism and shame. We stimulate the pleasant, positive, vital and enjoyable way of life by enjoying the experience of being together. We reconnect ourselves with the earth daily and celebrate its seasons.