We make positive and constructive contributions towards a sustainable future

               Together with our volunteers, we make a positive and constructive contribution towards a sustainable future. Together, we experience that a sustainable lifestyle requires commitment, and gives pleasure and vitality. We encourage everyone to enter into a deep relationship with the nature around us and therefore with their inner nature. As a result, we experience an improvement in our health, well-being, development and meaning. Our behaviour encourages more care and involvement for the ecosystem and gives a sense of connection with the bigger picture.

               We reduce our small community to an inseparable part of the immediate nature around us. Physical collaboration in and with nature gives us meaning on both a social and ecological level. The cultural exchange that takes place in our community is an essential part. We stimulate the development of collective intelligence and informal learning from each other. Our naturist lifestyle ensures equality, respect and a positive attitude towards each other's physical bodies. Nature shows how important diversity is and is without judgment.

               With our permaculture farm we show that we are aware of our impact on the ecological system and reduce it where we can. We make way for the interests of nature and become aware that all natural life forms have their own identity. With the development of our food forest, we work together with other natural life forms on the regeneration and revaluation of the ecosystem.