About us

Sebo & Bastiaan

               We, Sebo and Bastiaan, started creating our ecological life project fifteen years ago. We both are interested in how we can work towards a sustainable future in a practical way, with each other and in connection with your ecological living environment. We have been happily married for twenty-five years and the proud fathers of two children in a rainbow family. We both have our roots in the Netherlands, Sebo was born in the winter of 1966, Bastiaan in the summer of 1969.

               Sebo is the owner of a consultancy firm specialising in learning organisations. He has always felt a strong connection with water. For many years he was a sailing instructor at summer camps with difficult to raise children. He designs the water harvesting components in our eco habitat. Currently he is working on a PhD research on organisation agility and learning networks. There are many similarities with the permaculture approach. Because the benefits of diversity and companion planting are also fundamental to learning from each other and a healthy growth.

               Bastiaan is also a real nature person. He started his professional career as an elite soldier. With specializations as a sniper, paratrooper and arctic survival instructor. As a veteran, he was decorated for his participation in the Gulf War in Iraq. He studied classical singing at the conservatory and already more than 25 years he has an international career as an opera singer. In the autumn of 2021 he graduated in the field of : applied eco-psychology. He sees his career shifting again. This time towards the direction of an ecological consultant and nature coach.

               Sebo and Bastiaan are both passionate about building a learning network with the volunteers embedded in the roots of the ecological web of life.